Before requesting repair

If a product malfunctions, please check the “Warranty provisions” below first,
and contact us from place of purchase or contact form at the bottom of the page.

Warranty provisions

Within one year after delivery from our factory, we will repair it free of charge if you return it only for malfunctions or abnormalities caused by manufacturing, and if repair is not possible, we will ship a replacement.

However, the warranty will be void due to external factors such as use other than the original usage of the product / modification / erroneous operation / wear / wear defects / natural disasters / disasters / corrosion / rust due to the usage environment / disassembly and repair by a third party other than our company and If it is not properly maintained.

Please note, we shall not be liable for any damages (indirect, expansion, special damages), loss, compensation (holiday, business compensation) other than product repair or replacement.

Additionally, if the warranty period and scope are separately specified by individual contracts, the contract shall take precedence.

Products whose warranty period has expired

If repairs are possible, we will repair them for a fee.

  • Your company name, address, person in charge, phone number
  • Product name, model, serial number
  • Date of purchase
  • Details of the problem
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