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Reliable equipment
To the customers…

For home use, For industrial use,
For large scale Terminals.
MT series, we offer a wide range of valves.

  • High pressure gas service valves
  • LP gas container(cylinder) valves
  • Large scale LP gas terminal valves
  • LP gas filling plants valves
  • LP gas tank lorry valves
  • LP gas tanker valves
  • LP gas railroad car service valves
  • Hyper-cryogenic gas tank lorry valves
  • Hyper-cryogenic gas tanker valves
  • Hyper-cryogenic gas installations valves
  • LP gas bulk container valves
  • LP gas public welfare bulk tank valves
  • Instruments for LP gas public welfare bulk tank
  • Level gauges and instrument for LP gas
  • Optical fiber and alarm systems with explosion-proof construction
  • Public welfare bulk centralized monitoring system
  • Other valves and equipment for the foregoing service

The highest
processing technology

Our advanced technology that combines craftsmanship which has been passed down since our founding and the latest processing technology, has achieved excellent processing accuracy and reliable processing quality, and thus it is highly evaluated both in Japan and overseas.

With our excellent processing technology and extensive processing equipment, we firmly cover everything from small to large diameters, from small-lot production to mass production, and respond to customer requests.

Strict quality control

Our mission is to ensure the reliability of valves and related equipment that an important role in the control of fluids that flow and stop the gas.

We provide safe and high-quality products that can be used with safety and strict inspections and quality control by our experienced staff.

Richly experienced

For more than 70 years since our founding, we have been manufacturing LP gas container valves and tank valves, valves for high-pressure piping, liquid level gauges, strainers, and related equipment, and have been selling them to Japan and other Asian countries.

Its extensive manufacturing and sales results are due to the fact that LP gas cylinder valves have more than 70 million (*) and more than 1 million units (*) certified by the Minister.

*As of February 2020

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